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    Wind positions, re-wind, simply wound are terms commonly spoken in the label printing world, although some folks might not be too familiar with what these terms really mean. SixB provides a safe space for all questions, and no one is here to judge you.

    Label roll outputs are commonly wound into one of the eight positions recognized by the labeling industry. The standard is influential for post-label production when rolls are then placed into the likes of printers and applicators for additional packaging processes. Keep in mind that rewind positions are mostly used for machine applications.

    Here are some considerations for making orders where labels will involve machine applications:

    • A Roll Wind Number, based on the image below
    • Inside Core Diameter
    • Maximum Outside Roll Diameter

    These are the eight (8) industry-standard wind positions to choose from in the image below.


     When identifying one of these positions typical call-outs are literally "Position 1; Position 2" and so on.

    Wind Positions is a relatively straightforward concept in labeling; it is detail-oriented, and picking the appropriate position in pre-production could be influential. Because ultimately, after receiving your roll labels, having a smooth and simple transition to final internal steps is ideal for any additional printing and/or application to products.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions on your next project and wind positions! 

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    See Our Art Guidelines To Make Sure Your Art Follows Your Wind Position



    Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Written by Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Director, Marketing at SixB Labels





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