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    As part of SixB Labels' focus on Simplifying Labeling for our clients, we have developed a white paper on the proposed Food and Drug Administration nutrition label revisions that were supposed to go into effect this year. While the FDA has placed the revisions deadline on hold, we still believe the white paper is a valuable resource for food manufacturers to evaluate their labeling. 

    Most Americans surveyed have said that they use the nutrition facts label on food products to make better shopping choices.  As a result, the FDA has spent more than two years working on updated guidelines for food labels, meant to incorporate the latest information from nutrition science, in accordance with the new 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the newest Institute of Medicine recommendations.  The format changes should also make it easier for consumers to access this information, to help them make the right food choices for themselves and their families. 


    Changes in the following areas impact both the visual format and the nutritional information:

    •  Principal Display Panel (PDP) contents
    • Nutritional Facts placement on the label
    • Preferred  Type Size requirements
    • Net Weight/Net Contents format and expression
    • Nutritional Panel contents
    • Nutrition Facts presentation for serving sizes and calories
    • Qualified Health Claims requirements
    • Exceptions to these guidelines all the while
    For more details on the proposed FDA guidelines, download the white paper today!


    Michelle Feldman

    Written by Michelle Feldman

    Marketing Associate at SixB Labels





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